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My Top 10 Smallville Season 9 Episodes Picspam!

Season 9 was pretty much awesome. Last year I know I did my top 10, and this year I simply had to as season 9 has turned out to be one of Smallville's best overall seasons. What better way to show my love then to post my top ten and picspam them? This is turning out to be harder than I thought when it comes to narrowing down the caps to use. Actually my first is the smallest, and my coming picspams are going to be much much bigger. So get ready! Here's number one on my list! :D

Salvation: Amazing I narrowed it down so much! haha. This was just epic all around, from beginning to end. This finale is now my number one favorite finale of the whole show. I haven't actually enjoyed or loved a finale since the season 4 one. Wow. 5 years ago. That should tell ya something writers. lol. I loved how the episode opened up with a glimpse of the future in Clark's dreams as him being the Man of Steel in his epic suit! Yeah it was just a glimpse, but epic squeeing was involved nonetheless. Martha making Clark his suit! :D Tess kicking Zod's butt was awesome. Until she got burned, ew. Seeing some of the super heroes again was nice, too bad they were only on screens! I am not into Chlollie but they were bearable for once in here. Still rooting for Ollie and Black Canary to happen next year. Lois and the Blur kiss!!!! and Lois knows!! If the writers don't let it stick this time I don't know what I'll do. I hope she'll keep it to herself and just let Clark tell her when she's ready. Zod and Clark's battle was pretty much awesome! Sooo much better than last year's boobsday fight. And in the rain! xD Wet Clark makes me happy. Too bad they didn't lose their shirts in the process. Clark's willingness to die just so Zod wouldn't destroy the earth was so Superman! (Although the end shot, he looks as though he's posing like Jesus on the cross. Parallel.) Next season, what would make me happy is if Lois found Clark and nursed him back to health! *swoon* So yeah I have so much love for this episode! Well done writers, for once!

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