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My Top 10 Smallville Season 9 Episodes Picspam!

Told you it was growing. xD Here's number two.


Crossfire: Minus the Mia/Ollie parts which was okay but didn't exactly tickle my fancy this episode had so much in it that I loved! Mostly for the Clois goodness and Zess. Lois and Clarks banter and flirty attitudes toward eachother during the whole episode had me squeeing every minute. Introduction of Cat Grant. And seeing Chloe kicking another computer geeks (Stuart) butt in hacking was quite enjoyable. There were times I actually didn't mind her in the episode. Zod and Tess. What can I say? Hotness! and then the epic seen where she gives Zod the necklace of one of his man after killing him was epic. Zod underestimates Tess and she's she can truly kick some serious butt. Lois tells Oliver that Clark is her man when he pours his feelings out for her. (Okay the thing that makes me mad is Ollie says he's madly in love with Lois still and then a few eps later is going out with her cousin acting like none of that happened..) The one scene where Ollie protects Lois from an oncoming bullet and Clark saves them but has to look on without any credit from Lois breaks my heart. Poor Clarkie, you can tell her one day! The best part is at the end when Clark finally decides to finally ask Lois out on an official date and man up. Lois is babbling away and Clark gets the courage and shuts her up with a passionate kiss taking her breath away, leaving us with a beautiful ending scene of them kissing in the daily planet. *swoon*

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