Andrea (anakaliaandrea) wrote,

Legendary Love - Clois Mixed CD [Disc One]

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I've been doing Clois Music Meme's and wanted to put them all on a collection of CDs.
This is all the music I have on my own library playlist mix of music I think fit SV!Clois very well! I simply had to share!

This collection is called "Legendary Love" - A Clois Music Mix.
No idea how many discs this will turn out to be, but here is disc one! =)

I have 4 slightly different album cover for this disc, and 2 are a bit spoilery so I put them under the cut. Although I think eveyone has seen it.

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Tracklisting, alternative album covers, and download link all UNDER THE CUTCollapse )
Tags: cd mix, clois music

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